On January 7, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and others announced they are working on adding
unlimited abortion amendment to the Michigan Constitution.

Constitutional  Amendment Summary

The Reproductive Freedom for All constitutional amendment is not about protecting existing rights, but smuggling a radical proposal into the constitution that would repeal or drastically alter dozens of state laws.

The amendment would fundamentally change the relationships between parents and children, as well as women and their doctors.

Laws the amendment could affect:


• Parental consent for children’s medical treatment that involve sex or pregnancy, including sterilizations

• Ban on school employees helping children have abortions

• Any parental consent for children seeking abortions

• Statutory rape and incest laws

• Screening for women being coerced to have abortions

• Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

• Born-Alive Infant Protection Act

• Increased penalties for abortions after viability

• Requirement that only doctors perform abortion

• Licensing and health and safety requirements for abortion facilities

• Ban on tax-funded abortions

• Preventing health insurance from automatically covering elective abortions

• Informed consent requirement for women seeking abortions

• 24-hour waiting period for abortion

• Requirements that women be offered the chance to see an ultrasound before the abortion

• Conscience protections for doctors and nurses who object to performing abortions

• Would force elective abortions to be treated the same as childbirth for women seeking time off, leave, and other family policies

• Reporting requirements on abortion statistics and complications

• Michigan’s original abortion ban, passed in 1846 and updated in 1931

• Michigan Surrogate Parenting Act and a ban on commercialized surrogacy

• Ban on human cloning

When you combine those points together, it becomes clear that any state law or health regulation that addresses abortion or pregnancy in general is in danger.

To read the amendment with an in-depth analysis of each section, click here.

They hope to collect 425,059 signatures to put this amendment on the ballot in November.
Whether or not they are successful, it’s vitally important for Michiganders to understand what this constitutional change would actually do to them. 
Because the amendment is written so broadly, it’s impact on Michigan laws could be profound and extend well beyond abortion.


That means almost every law related to

abortion could be gone 

if the amendment is successful.


How do we know the unborn are human?

Her heart beats at 21 days.
Brain activity is recorded at 45 days.

Can suck her thumb at 16 weeks.
Can feel pain at 20 weeks.

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Signing the abortion petition would allow:

Unsanitary clinics with no inspections and licensing.

Unregulated abortion by non-doctors.

Elimination of 25 health and safety laws.

Dangerous mail order or over the counter abortion pills.

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Signing the abortion petition would allow:

Schools to aid teens seeking abortions without parents' consent.

Secret counseling to gender confused children.

School clinics to provide contraceptives without parents' knowledge.

Sterilization of minors.

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Signing the abortion petition means:

Partial-birth and late-term abortions.

Forced taxpayer funded abortions.

Teen abortions without parents' knowledge.

More abortions that are unlimited and unregulated.

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