How one prolife law can save tens of thousands of lives

Every year since 1976, Congress has approved and the president has signed into law the Hyde Amendment. Named after its original sponsor, U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde, this crucial prolife legislation prevents most tax dollars from paying for most abortions.

The purpose of the Hyde Amendment is protecting the conscience rights of a majority of Americans who do not want to be forced to provide abortions through their tax dollars. The Hyde Amendment has a critical added benefit of saving lives, millions of them.

Unfortunately this legislation is under assault. Friday marks the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. Using the hashtag #HelloHyde, please share a simple message tomorrow supporting the Hyde Amendment on social media, or use the below graphic (click here for the full-size version on our website):
If the Hyde Amendment is repealed or overruled by five pro-abortion Supreme Court justices, then millions of unborn children could die as a result. Take a moment Fridayand make a stand for your conscience rights and the life of innocent children in the womb!
We don't hide from tough fights

It was a struggle to pass the original Hyde Amendment. It was a long struggle to end tax-funded abortions in Michigan. It was a struggle in the Nineties when President Bill Clinton tried to completely get rid of the Hyde Amendment. Through it all we were able to count on the financial support and efforts of our prolife grassroots. For our efforts, our reward is knowing we've saved millions of lives.

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